Kladioničari se kockaju s Gentingom u Singapuru

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Kladioničari se kockaju s Gentingom u Singapuru

I’d be buying here.  Not on account of a possible takeover; but because Singapore’s move/gaming trajectory has greater clarity than that of Macau.
– by David Blennerhassett on Genting Singapore in Event-Driven

Ključne točke:
1. Bloomberg is reporting Genting Singapore (GENS SP) has been attracting suitors, including MGM Resorts International (MGM US).
2. With Macau all-but emulating a Shanghai-style lockdown, including the recent shuttering of all Singapore Casinos, large global Online Casino Singapore operators testament be looking to diversify their revenue base. 
3. But with Singapore potentially emerging as Asia’s go-to gaming destination going forward, it’s unlikely the Lim family testament exit their Genting flagship.

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